Great Britain, 1940: With the loss of Poland to the Nazi Blitzkrieg, the ignoble retreat of the British Army at Dunkirk, and the black, streaming runs of Luftwafe bombers leaving from the shores of France to annihilate the British Isles, all seemed lost. To save the British children from the country’s industrial cities, Churchill decided to evacuate them. The question was… where would be they safe?

Blackpool, Britain’s largest seaside resort, was the ideal choice.

As British children clambered onto lorries, buses, and British rail lines, Blackpool became the center of another plan by the British Prime Minister. Prior to the Battle of Britain, England was in dire need of wartime fighter pilots and ground crews. Churchill looked for recruits from the nation whose people
had been torn asunder by the Nazi occupation: POLAND.

Blackpool was beyond the range of Hitler’s Luftwaffe, so there was a lot of built-in protection for the hundreds of thousands of soldiers, sailors and airmen who were based in Lancashire.

And then came the RAF...